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POL-Y, born the 22th of May of 1988 begins her relationship with music early in her childhood, influenced by her father, grandmother and siblings. At the age of 7, she decides to formally learn how to play the piano, and at 13, she starts taking singing and performance lessons.

Years later, POL-Y steps in the television world to work as an actress; it is no coincidence that all the roles she played were always directly related to music.

POL-Y decides to step away from TV to focus in her true love, music, while pursuing her studies in Film direction. Film, scriptwriting and acting were perfect complements to her music skills, bringing today to her music, a fresh and new perspective together with a captivating array of color choices.

In 2010, she begins performing live, with her band, sparking lots of interest and attention. In 2012, she begins developing her first LP record: “Volando”, which has 10 tracks composed by POL-Y, produced by Tweety Gonzalez and sound mixed by Alfredo Garcia Tau at the “El Pie” studio.

Navigating through stories of lust, indifference and female madness, “Volando” will make you fly through POL-Y, the woman of the abyss.

Alfredo Garcia Tau (Co-Producer, Guitar) “Alf is an incredible musician and producer; he is my right hand, a great friend and musical companion”

Patricio Alsuyet (Bass, Chorus)
“Honestly, there ain’t a rehearsal where I am not surprised by the amazing bass sounds and voice of the talented Pato”

Leonardo Alvarez (Drums)
“Cholo is a true genius drummer. Our songs have power, presence and consistency thanks to him”

Diego Korenwaser (Synthesizer, second guitar, second piano)
“Dieguito is a great keyboard virtuoso and a very versatile musician: synthesizer, guitars, pianos that strengthen mine”

Josefina (Chorus)
“Hyper-tuned, beautiful voice, very cool, that is Jose”